Warning! This documentation is a work in progress. Expect things to be out of date and not actually work according to instructions.

Redirects and Rewrites

You can add HTTP redirects to your stallion.toml file. The format is simply a map of the original path to the destintion URL:

redirects = {"/downloads/stallion-publisher/latest/stallion-publisher" = "https://s3.amazonaws.com/stallion-cms/distributions/2016-10-04/stallion-publisher"}

You can add internal rewrites, which changes the path internally, without change the path in the browser. This is a list of rewrite mappings, where each rewrite mapping is a two entry list, with the first value being a regular expression matching the original path and the second entry being the destintion path:

rewritePatterns = [
    ['/docs/javadocs(.*)', '/st-assets/javadocs$1'],
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